Demystifying DMARC Monitoring: ProDMARC Makes it Easy

Demystifying DMARC Monitoring: ProDMARC Makes it Easy

As a DMARC expert at ProDMARC, I see many organizations struggle with DMARC implementation, particularly the ongoing process of DMARC monitoring. DMARC itself is a fantastic email authentication protocol that protects your domain from spoofing and phishing attacks. But to truly harness its power, you need to understand and effectively utilize DMARC reports.

What is DMARC Monitoring?

DMARC monitoring involves regularly reviewing DMARC reports to gain insights into email activity using your domain. When you configure DMARC, you specify an email address to receive these reports. However, the raw data is usually complex and comes in XML format, filled with technical details about IP addresses and email authentication. This is where ProDMARC steps in. 

Why ProDMARC for DMARC Monitoring?

ProDMARC simplifies the DMARC monitoring process. Instead of wrestling with raw XML data, you get a user-friendly dashboard that presents all the crucial information you need. Here’s how ProDMARC empowers you to leverage DMARC monitoring effectively:

  • Visibility into Email Sources: Identify all senders using your domain, including authorized third-party services and potential spoofers.
  • Email Volume and Trends: Track the volume of outbound emails, including suspicious spikes that might indicate phishing campaigns.
  • Authentication Analysis: See if emails comply with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols, ensuring their legitimacy.
  • Data for DMARC Policy Decisions: Gain insights to confidently transition your DMARC policy from monitoring to enforcement mode, maximizing protection.
  • Forensic Evidence of Phishing Attempts: Access sample data to understand attempted phishing attacks impersonating your domain.

Proactive DMARC Management with ProDMARC Alerts

ProDMARC goes beyond static reports with a robust alert system that keeps you informed:

  • DNS Change Alerts: Get notified if there are any modifications to your DNS records that might affect DMARC functionality.
  • DMARC Failure Alerts: Receive alerts when emails fail DMARC authentication, allowing for swift action.
  • Threshold Breach Alerts: Receive alerts when there is a suspicious spikes in dmarc failed emails 
  • Compliance Summary Reports: Stay on top of your DMARC compliance with daily reports.
  • Monthly SPF/DKIM Issue highlights: ProDMARC identifies ongoing issues with authorized senders regarding SPF and DKIM.
  • Analysis Reports: Gain in-depth insights into SPF and DKIM configurations for informed decisions.

Don’t Get Lost in DMARC Data – ProDMARC is Here to Help

DMARC monitoring is essential for maximizing the benefits of DMARC implementation. ProDMARC’s user-friendly platform and insightful reports make this process efficient and empowering. Take advantage of our 15-day free trial and see how ProDMARC can simplify your DMARC monitoring and safeguard your email domain. Contact us at +91-9820116312 or here to avail the offer.