Phishing Awareness and Phishing Training Explained

Phishing Awareness and Phishing Training Explained

Currently, one of the most abused cyberattacks is phishing, and most security violations start with it. Combating with phishing has now become a challenging task for every cybersecurity organization working to maintain a high-security attitude. Phishing attacks can reach the inbox of your organization’s employees with looking to steal sensitive information or download some form of malicious content from the web.

Phishing Awareness

Phishing awareness is a little different from a regular security awareness programs that are executed to create a more secure culture in the business. Phishing awareness is based on attentiveness on what, when, and why phishing attacks are performed and how to be aware and avoid getting trapped. simulating phishing attacks on your workspace allows you to assess the awareness of your employees regarding such attack types. And, you can develop more effective and capable phishing awareness training initiatives for your organization.

Popular Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals can execute phishing attacks on your organization’s core computer and can gain sensitive information, steal money, and can outright steal personal information.

  • Smishing: These phishing attacks are commonly similar to email attacks and are an intense way of getting victims into a trap. In Smishing, attackers send a malicious link to redirect victims to fraud websites that can infect mobile, steal confidential information, etc.
  • Vishing: These are social engineering attacks that are targeted towards the victims over a phone call.

Phishing Simulation &Training

Phishing attacks shall be prevented by providing phishing awareness & training, that will teach people to identify possible phishing attacks. Many companies are now aware of phishing attacks and started to conduct phishing training that teaches their people to identify every possible phishing attack.

Which employee group should you train?

Cybercriminals can attack or target anyone working in your business. Higher-level phishing attacks are aimed at all employees, but most of the time, people from the finance department of C-level executives are at high risk of phishing attacks. So employees from these departments should be your priority to get trained.

How can phishing awareness and training be effective?

Training given to employees to create phishing awareness is always practical in nature. Training covers the majority of topics and is frequent, so it leaves a huge impact. Professionals conduct training focusing on teaching employees to identify and report real email threats.

How to get success from phishing training?

ProPHISH provides internal phishing testing, and we are constantly improving our system. Learn how ProPhish employee awareness program can train your employees to combat phishing attacks as well as how your organization can identify threats in the moment of risk. Your employees are your best chance line of defense against successful attacks. Progist can help you get started with world-class cybersecurity solutions. Contact us at to know more about our offerings.